Sunday, March 28, 2010

Portsmouth's Newest Turbine: Delivering 110%

John McDaid over at hard deadlines has an excellent post examining what Portsmouth's newest turbine has delivered in the year since becoming operational.

The consensus: It is delivering more than anyone could have expected.

Chew on this quote by Rich Talipsky, chair of the Portsmouth Economic Development Committee:
"The project team members often look up at the wind turbine and say, 'How did we do it?' And, when we thought about it, we came to the realization that we had developed the right chemistry between the citizens, the Town leadership and the project contractor that enabled an honest dialogue. It was the heart of a working relationship that brought potential problems and issues to the forefront early so that they could be resolved."
As Tiverton inches ever-forward on our own renewable energy path, such results should reinforce the potential this technology has.

A small cadre of citizen volunteers are working hard as part of the East Bay Energy Consortium to make renewable wind energy a reality for our area. When it comes time to lend support to such projects, please remember Portsmouth and do your part to make renewable energy happen in Tiverton.


Natescape said...

Great news. Posted to FB, Twitter, and will be posted in this week's Almanac.


Thanks. The credit goes to John at hard deadlines ( for the great write-up.