Saturday, March 13, 2010

25 Simple Things to Do With Your Extra Hour of Sunlight

By Bill Gerlach | Follow me on Twitter

Tonight we turn back the clocks. Now before you start lamenting over “losing” that hour, take another perspective: Putting the clocks ahead means another hour of daylight at the end of your day!

Not sure what to do with that? Here is a short list of simple (and mostly free!) things you can do to make the most of your new-found “time”:
  1. Have a dinner picnic down at Fogland or South Shore beach with your family or special someone
  2. Cook a fantastic meal outside
  3. Take an after-dinner hike at Weetamoo, Fort Barton, Wilbur Woods, or Simmons Pond.
  4. Walk or run some laps at Town Farm or the track at Tiverton High School
  5. Head out on a bike ride around town
  6. Take a stroll through Sakonnet Vineyards
  7. Grab a pick up game of basketball at the Bulgarmarsh Recreation Center or Wilbur & McMahon School
  8. Serve up some tennis at Town Farm or Tiverton High School
  9. Let your kids run off that extra energy at the playgrounds at Wilbur & McMahon or Town Farm
  10. Finally start that garden you’ve always wanted
  11. Plant a tree (or three!)
  12. Build yourself a compost bin
  13. De-clutter your life a little and clean out your garage or shed (don’t forget to freecycle!)
  14. Check out an event or class through the Sakonnet Arts Network
  15. See what is happening at our local libraries (Tiverton, Little Compton)
  16. Hang a clothesline and discover how awesome your clothes will smell after line drying
  17. Get settled watch that sun set (or moon rise)
  18. Enjoy an after-dinner concert by listening to the amazing bird songs at dusk
  19. When it gets warmer, watch the aerial acrobatics of the bats coming out as the sun goes down
  20. Play an after-dinner board game with the kids outside
  21. Cozy up to the fence and catch up with your neighbors
  22. Treat your dog to an extra-long run
  23. Treat yourself to an ice cream at Moose Cafe, Gray’s, or in the Commons
  24. Pencil in the Tiverton Financial Town Meeting into your calendar (Saturday, May 8) and commit to being there
  25. Last but not least, keep your lights, TV and any other electronic gadget off for another hour!
[Photo: D Sharon Pruitt via Flckr]


Natescape said...

Love it, Bill! Just wish today's weather cooperated with these ideas. ;)


Glad you like it. File them away for when the sun comes back out! Or you could just play in the rain!