Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't "CURB" Your Enthusiasm

Just the opposite: Roll up your sleeves, get educated, and get involved.

Kudos to former Tiverton Town Council member Brian Mederios on his newest endeavor: Citizens United for Responsible Budget (CURB-Tiverton). In just a short time, Brian has been hitting the media with critical op-ed pieces and a new blog challenging the status-quo when it comes to the fiscal vitality of Tiverton.

Coming off the debacle of the 2009 Financial Town Meeting, Brian is dead-set on making sure it doesn't happen again. According to the blog, the CURB agenda is simple:
The CURB-Tiverton Principle:
To attend the May 8 Financial Town Meeting and vote to support a common-sense budget that neither exceeds the state tax-cap nor results in significant cuts in community/school services.
CURB is a grassroots effort to preserve Tiverton's quality of life by uniting individuals and community groups in supporting a responsible municipal/school budget that balances maintaining services with containing costs.
If you're interested, you can sign up to receive free updates through the blog or email.

As a tax payer, parent of three small children, and user of town services I am keenly aware of what is at stake at this year's Financial Town Meeting. I implore my peers: We need MORE parents at this meeting. We need YOU to help ensure that our town's budgeting process and spend of services is meeting the needs of all of us.

Being part of a vibrant community is about helping out each other. In some cases, you take one for the team to ensure the greater good. This is just one such instance. Please do your part. Thanks.

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