Thursday, March 4, 2010

Minimalism and the March Poll

Could you define your level of consumption by quantifying how much stuff you possess?

I have been thinking about this a bit over the past few weeks and wanted to put that challenge out there in the form of our March Poll. In the ever-unfolding quest for simpler, more sustainable living, I have been enamored of late with a few great blogs on the minimalist lifestyle:
These writers/motivators are helping to lead a revolution in down-sizing our lifestyles (but not our lives!) to focus on the most important things. While the green angle is not always the key driver, it goes without saying that the environmental benefit of a minimalist lifestyle is dramatic. Want less, buy less. Buy less, produce less. Produce less, plunder the earth's resources less. You get the picture.

As I think about the many woes facing humanity these days, consumption in one way, shape or form is at the root of darn near all of them. Our priorities are skewed. We have lost sight of what true happiness is and can bring. And along the way, lost our true sense of self.

Let's be clear, I have a LONG way to go to being a Superstar Minimalist, but it is about the journey for me. Letting go and eliminating what is no longer necessary to "be". Eliminating the clutter -- physical, digital, emotional or otherwise. Making way for simpler living at home and at work. Hopefully, using the process to help teach our kids about knowing what is most important in life.

But I would be remiss if I didn't answer the poll question for myself. For stuff that I alone use, I would put the count at between 100 and 250. This includes everything from books to tools and garden stuff to clothes. Perhaps I'll chronicle the liberation process from time to time. Clearly I have room to improve.

Where do you net out at? What is motivating you to do more with less?

[Image: jasontheaker via flickr]

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