Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tube for Tuesday: U.S. Organic as the New Obesity Driver?

I don't know about you, but I love The Daily Show. Unfortunately, my schedule rarely allows me to watch it. Thanks to Sara for spotting this one. Here's to mixing in a few laughs.

If you're a fan of T.D.S., you'll immediately get how much Samantha Bee is mocking this guy who is arguing that promoting organic, local food is elitist and will drive obesity rates in the U.S. If you've never watched this witty, sometimes abrasive, mock news program, get ready for a bit of uncomfortableness...

On a serious note, I can't believe (actually, I can, sadly) that there is an organization out there -- one with such an austere name as the American Council on Science and Health -- that could even attempt to argue such a position. But then you realize that they have been underwritten by some of the biggest names in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and package foods companies and it all begins to make sense. You have to love a healthy dose of spin when you see it... Enjoy.

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