Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cape Wind Gets Green Light

Great news for the Cape Wind project. They’ve been given the “super-permit” to develop their 130-turbine wind farm – what would be the first offshore wind farm in the U.S.

What’s staggering is the potential energy that would come out of this farm: Average electricity production would power 200,000 homes; when at max capacity, the number of homes is double that. Check out the Cape Wind website to learn more.

The article also gives a brief but less-than-detailed update on the two proposed off-shore projects here in R.I., stating that the permit process is underway and that the smaller of the two eyes completion sometime in 2012.

Closer to home, each time I drive through Portsmouth and see those turbines spinning it puts a smile on my face. Why? The simplicity and logic of renewable energy. And the technology is getting better -- and for the bean counters, more price competitive -- each and every day. Carbon-based energy is on the down-and-out. Granted, there is a LOT of work to do before we awaken to this Renewable Nirvana, but projects like Cape Wind are definitely putting us on the path.

Curious -- would you support economically viable renewable energy projects here in town? What do you think the general public's position in on these sorts of things?

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foulaideas said...

Wonderful news. Great question. We would absolutely support wind in Tiverton, having followed the research and discussion for several years.
My heart also lifts at the sight of the windmills, especially if I've been in the area of Brayton Point or Montaup and checking to be sure I have my inhaler.
And they could be the start of sustainable, sensible, economic growth in the region--as well as Town. Imagine if we could eliminate the energy costs for the schools and Town buildings. Low hanging fruit!