Thursday, May 14, 2009

Introducing Bodhi

BODHI MAXWELL GERLACH. Born May 4 and weighing a whopping 10 lbs 6 oz. This is our third and I think final foray into the baby scene. Sara is doing great; Will and Amelia have not left Bodhi's side since he's come home. We are all adjusting and figuring out the new 5-person routine. For now, it's that kind of good Fifth Wheel feeling.

I've dubbed Bohdi (pronounced Bow-dee) the "Green Baby" as we are trying to minimize his environmental footprint from the get-go. So far, it has been all about recycling as much as possible from his brother and sister (clothes, furniture, etc.) and the dirty "D" word -- diapers. We've been using gDiapers this time around. Check out their website for full background, but we were drawn to these for two reasons: the ability to compost those soiled with pee only and frankly, they are kind of cute. A recent Boston Globe blog post mulled over the diaper options for eco-conscious parents.

While we have yet to add any to the compost pile (that's just the way it is with newborns), we do feel that what we are disposing of is, by volume, less than what we would have been doing with conventional diapers. Time will tell. We have yet to try the dissolve-in-your-toilet method for disposal.

The only drawback so far (though minimal) is their availability. We have been picking them up at Green Grocer in Portsmouth. The fact that they stock these is icing on the cake for such a great, local depot for all things organic.

Up next for Green Baby is food. By the time we hit our stride with produce from the garden, Bodhi should be making the transition into more solid food. We are aiming to produce some of our own -- peas, carrots, and the like. Stay tuned.

Curious about the name Bodhi? Here is some background. I continue to be inspired by my readings on Zen Buddhism and we just thought the name was beautiful and special. When you put the two things together, you get our little guy.


John said...

beautiful baby, beautiful name. congratulations and welcome.


Thanks, John. We're glad he's finally with us. Hope all is well on that side of the river... I'm green with envy every time I come across the bridge and see those turbines spinning in the breeze. We'll catch up though...

fldodreams said...

Bill & Sara,

Congratulations to you both on the birth of your new son, Bodhi! I suspect he, too, will be picking bugs and eating (strained) peas with Will & Amelia in no time!

God Bless,

Jimmy D