Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sustainable Energy Takes the First Step

On Thursday night, I had the pleasure of meeting a new group of friends and neighbors. We gathered to discuss what we could do to help create, drive, and see the execution of a new sustainable energy agenda here in Tiverton. The atmosphere was charged (positively, of course) and the discussion progressive. As the hour sped by the possibilities for our little town became more apparent. From energy conservation efforts to wind power projects to enhancing the town’s master planning document. People smiled.

Three or four of us were confirmed. But when we totaled twelve at the start of the meeting, I knew we had that spark that connects like-minded people and binds them together for a common cause. “Where there is a will, there’s a way,” so the saying goes. I left the Community Center that night knowing we had both.

It’s going to take a month or two to get everything in order organizationally, but just you wait. In the coming weeks, we’ll have messages out to let everyone know where and when we’ll meet next and how they can bring a friend or three in the process. There will be lots of work, but with a team approach, we’ll get it done. We have to.

If you’re interested in getting on a distribution list for our next meeting, email me.

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foula ideas said...

Thanks for your leadership! Finally! A forum!!!