Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stop Drowing In Catalogs

I don’t know about you, but it seems the deluge of holiday catalogs is starting earlier each year. It’s safe to say we’re getting 10-20 per week. I’m sure you’re the same. Here’s your chance to fight back and save a tree or million while you’re at it.

One of Yahoo’s Pick of the Day yesterday was Catalog Choice, a new (and free!) online service that allows you to opt out of pretty much any catalog out there (there are hundreds listed). Launched about a month ago, it’s the result of a new collaboration between the National Resources Defense Council, The Ecology Center, and the National Wildlife Federation. (Read: It is a legitimate service.)

With 19 BILLION catalogs sent annually, these paper precursors to the holidays are eating up 100 million trees annually. Think about that. Think about the carbon dioxide that’s not being absorbed; think about the energy and water that goes into processing 100 million trees into paper. It’s absolutely daunting.

Watch this NBC story to get some more background. Then, get over to the site, create your free account, and start helping to make your holidays a bit more paper-free.

Curious on how it works? Read more about how they have partnered directly with merchants at their blog.


EJO said...

Another good one for reducing junk mail - not sure if you've already covered it - is It costs $15, but claims to reduce a lot of junk mail and save tons of trees and water in the process...

- E

Brian Charest said...

I just read about this fairly new site called, which promises to reduce your junk mail by 80-95 percent for 5 years but not for free - they charge $41. I think there's likely a pretty comfortable profit margin there for the owners of that site. For plenty of great FREE advice, I really like - they have some great tips on reducing your carbon footprint, how to get off of junk mail lists, etc. It is a GREAT site. Keep up the good work Bill - this blog is an excellent forum for discussing these issues and raising awareness.