Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Help Us Figure Out Recycling

Just a quick welcome to Sakonnet Times readers who saw the letter to the editor this week. A version of this letter appeared on the S.T. website a few weeks back. Read the follow-up post and some early replies by readers.

So why is recycling that hard? What do you think we should do to help change individual behavior and start improving our performance across the board? Take a moment to share your thoughts and let's figure out how to move this forward. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I guess going green is harder for some of us older R.I. ers I personally didn`t start to get it until I looked into the eyes of my grandbabies and relize what they were going to be left with.I now know how the steps we take today will be their tommorrow.I want to change and urge all my fellow fifty plusers to heed our children and grandchildren and listen and learn its really not that hard to look at our waste and figure out to recycle, buy those bags at the grocery store to elimitate plastic bags in the land fill, separate your trash,be responible for what we leave behind so our next generations can enjoy too. It really isn`t that hard.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading the letter to the editor you wrote to the Sakonnet Times. It was very well written. Now, I can tell you that there are indeed recycling bins, in theory, in each classroon town wide. Last year I actually got two for my classroom. Unfortunately these are for paper products only. We just got a few recepticales for plastic bottles placed in several locations throughout the High School.There is one luckily right outside my door. Unfortunately, these are also quite small.Sometimes it is weeks before the bins get emptied. Students are supposed to go around and empty them into a considerably larger container at least once a week. I think that it is sad. I do not think that it is so difficult at all to just dispose of waste in a responsible way. And what better way to teach children, they are already at school! Personnally, I would like to request a jumbo size bin for my room.