Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Would YOUR Green Library Look Like?

Our oldest son, Will, is a budding artist; a six-year-old that loves to draw, paint, build, cut, glue, and everything else that enables creative expression. (Full disclosure: Our daughter, Amelia, is right behind him, though she seems to be drawn more to the culinary arts.)

Will is also one of those kids that asks lots of questions and absorbs more than I think he does. Case in point:

During a recent visit to Essex Library, Miss Janet (the children's librarian) was looking for the kids to think about and draw what they thought the new library would look like. Tiverton Library Services is taking a bold leadership position by pursuing a new structure that aims to be the first "green" library in the state by incorporating elements of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability into the design.*

Well, Miss Janet was interested in the kids' vision of a "green" library. This is what Will came up with:

When I got home from work that day and he showed me his drawing I was floored. Often we talk about all things related to the environment and sustainability; when traveling around Sara and I try to point things out that help reinforce that. To my surprise, he's been listening. When I asked him to describe all that was going on, he told me about the things I've noted on the picture.

Go figure. There are moments where as a parent I take a step back, smile, and glow with pride. Maybe there is hope for the future.

(* Full Disclosure #2: I'm a past member of the Library Building Committee)

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