Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Seeking Clarity and Direction

Mid-August already. So much going on that it’s tough to find the time for writing. Just like most of you, it’s a constant juggling of responsibilities and priorities. What has taken a backseat is clear though: My chutzpah for being Mr. Green.

We still do all those things that we’ve done in the past – your basic to-do list for sustainable living: limiting consumption, the Three R’s, composting, growing some of our own food, frequenting locally-owned businesses, etc. This manner of living has become the norm. When is enough enough? How are you to do more in your own day-to-day? Especially when you are confined by the reality of finances, budgets, free time, and sapped motivation?

I’m at a crossroads: Not sure what to do with this ‘passion’ for being green, for this blog, for all of it. Taking a step back, it’s clear that right now with three young children my priority (and free time) is with my family, where it should be. There are many things happening in town that are slowly pushing the sustainability agenda – some I’m aware of, some I am not. I’m OK with that. When I started this blog, there was little coverage of ‘green’ things, no opportunity for a conversation. Now, not a week goes by when even the (real) local media is not covering a story related to local food, renewable energy, etc. This is good progress.

I want to do so many things – big and small – that they get in the way of each other, stalling progress on every front. Perhaps you’re familiar with that feeling? As Sara likes to tell me, “You need to uni-task!” (the arch nemesis of multi-tasking).

What else is clear is that I need the proverbial shot in the arm to kick-start things. Mostly likely this will take the form of a career change or new job; something to sink my teeth into during most of my waking hours. The perfect scenario will be finding something in the for-profit green sector – marrying my strong business background with this personal passion of mine. Maybe I’ll start to blog about my trials and tribulations of trying to find that perfect white-meets-green-collar experience? Or maybe it's just as simple as a paid writing gig on the side?

This post is a bit more personal than I like to get. But it's done in the spirit of sharing. We've all been in this sandbox before, trying to figure out what to play with next. Here's to a virtual camaraderie. Be well.

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