Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hello, Remember Me?

Nearly two months since the last post. My apologies to any regular readers of Sustainable Sakonnet, but there is just not enough bandwidth around to get to everything. Between work, school, and family, spare time is something I haven't had a lot of. If I could only be paid to write this and other things...

But there continues to be glimmers of green hope in and around the area. Special congrats go out to Steve Rys and the Tiverton Recycling Committee for their work in helping to secure over $43,000 from the State as 'reward' for the amount of recyclable material sent to Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation. This is another small bit of evidence that: 1) There are financial benefits to sustainable behavior; and 2) There are other methods of generating revenue for the town in these difficult economic times.

On a different front, our son started kindergarten at the new Ranger School a few weeks ago. I was pleased to see paper and print toner recycling bins when we toured and am looking forward to getting involved in this whole new world of the Tiverton School System. I truly believe that we have a responsibility to teach our new generations all that we can when it comes to living a simpler, more sustainable life. We're going to leave them with quite the mess; we best do what we can to give them the tools to make it better.

With that, I promise to write when I can and continue this ever-important conversation.