Saturday, February 6, 2010

January Poll Results; February Poll Launches

In classic fashion, I'm once again late with the poll update. That said, January's poll results were fantastic -- thank you to everyone who took the time to lend their voice.

We asked: What should the top sustainable community agenda items be in 2010?

Education & Engagement topped this list, followed closely by Renewable Energy Investment and Agriculture & Food. In the middle of the pack was Local Economic Development. Rounding out the list with only a few votes were Land Preservation, Transportation Alternatives and Zoning & Related Planning.

While I try to plan some sort of face-to-face gathering in the Tiverton/Little Compton area, you may be interested in checking out one a these local "education & engagement" resources:
  • UMASS Dartmouth's Sustainability Office has an amazing spring line up of events. From films to speakers to workshops, there is a lot of great work going on over there. (Thanks to Nate over at for the heads-up.)

  • The Green Drinks series continues in Newport and Providence. These monthly gatherings bring good food, good drink, and great conversation together in a nice neat package.
Now, on to February's poll.

This month, we're asking about steps you are taking to save energy (and money) at home. With the thick of winter upon us, furnaces firing, and the electric meter spinning, there is never a better time to take some simple steps to make your home more energy efficient.


Kristin said...

Thanks for the link over to the UMass Dartmouth site- I found a lot of very interesting info over there. Especially under the Sustainability Initiative Almanac. Just when I thought I was done with lectures & workshops, some of these sound too good to pass up!


There is always more to learn and put into practice! That organic bee keeping class at BCC has piqued my interest...

foulaideas said...

Option not on poll: when it came time to replace our hot water heater, we looked to tankless/on demand system [using propane which we already use for cooking]. It fits in a closet. We use less hot water, though we don't have to worry about showers and laundry running simultaneously.
If we don't really need hot water, the system's soft 'whoosh' cues us to think twice. While water is heating [about the same as before], I fill the watering containers for plants--[still haven't got that down...same problem as conventional].
We also use less oil since we use propane and heat water only as needed.
Our distributers are local and great!
Love it.


foulaideas --

Great addition! I see Phil's Propane advertising those outside their shop. We have a few more years left on our current tank (fingers crossed), but when it comes time to replace, we'll probably go with a tankless version, and/or couple that with a solar hot water system.

Do you mind sharing what brand/model you have and who installed for you?

Matt said...

Clothesline/rack. Yes, even in the dead of winter. We use a few racks in the basement for a decent amount of our laundry.