Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wanted: Some Free Time

Hi everyone.

Well, where has the month gone? Just when I thought I was back in a groove with posts, life's obligations had a funny way of creeping back up on me. The honest answer is that between work, school, and family (not necessarily in that order), there is just not enough time left in the day to blog.

The good news: Only three more months until I complete my MBA at Northeastern.

The cool news: I'll be heading to China for twelve days in April for my capstone international residency. I hope to be able to capture some great content for the blog.

The really cool news: We're expecting our third child in May and are planning to make the experience as green as possible. So I'll be blogging all about the Green Baby and our attempt at low-impact infant rearing. Stay tuned.

A belated welcome our first two Blog Followers -- Natescape and Ted. Nate heads up things over at Biodieselnow.com -- be sure to check that out. And Ted -- I take it you discovered S.S. via Monkey Mind. I appreciate the interest as I continue my humble exploration of Zen and all things contemplative.

Continued thanks to everyone for your readership!


Tillerman said...

Best wishes for the Green Baby and all the family.

Natescape said...

Wow! Trip to China, eh? That should be mind-blowing. If we can help while you're gone, give us a call.