Thursday, July 17, 2008

Introducing the Companion Blog

Introducing the Gerlach Garden Journal. Sara and I are having too much fun with our little food experiment not to share. Yes, it's mid-way through the season, but that's OK. Nothing like kicking off right in the thick of things.

We were inspired by all those great personal garden blogs out there. As we learn, we hope to share; if you have tips, please share those too!

Here's a tip Sara heard last week from someone visiting the vineyard (she works at Sakonnet Vineyards): Hold off harvesting your root vegetables (like carrots) until after the first frost. The cold causes the vegetable to release sugars as a defense (think anti-freeze). That means sweeter eats after picking. Can anybody else vouch for that?


Steven Rys said...

While that comment is true I would not leave carrots or other root crops in soil that our ready to pick or you could be disappointed by insect damage or the woody tasting results.
Try successive plantings to have steady crop all season and harvest up to thanksgiving or later.Try planting now for carrots and turnips for late season harvest.Good luck

Anonymous said...

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