Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A New Bliss

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Has anyone else noticed what’s happening over in the Bliss Four Corners area? Or better put, what will be happening there over the next few years?

Between the new library, the artists’ community, and the re-hab of the Bulgarmarsh recreation center, this forgotten corner of town looks as though it’s on its way to being quite the destination. I admit, I’m biased here as it is close to my neck of the woods, but this is turning into a nice little area. Hopefully, the increased foot and car traffic will benefit our local independent retailers and eateries as well. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the corner property recently vacated by the garden shop doesn't fall victim to a chain retailer of some sort, or even worse, a competing bank.)

The $64,000 question on my mind: What will become of the old Ranger School? As far as I know, it’s not slated to be used by the school department after this academic year and I have yet to hear anything on plans for its post-elementary school life. Does anyone know? That’s a wonderful historic building (heck, I went to school there) and it would be a shame to lose it to lack of vision. Any thoughts on what it could be in its next life?

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