Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tube For Tuesday: Saving the Landfill One Diaper at a Time

It's been a busy week, hence no in-between post, but had to pass along a few good clips. Why am I thinking about babies and diapers? Not sure, as my kids are just about out of them. But when I saw these clips, especially the first one showing the composting experiment, it got me thinking about Tiverton's landfill and its eventual maxing out. With over 15,000 residents and over 4,400 designated families (Source: www.ri.gov), how many diapers do you think are hitting that landfill each day? Every little bit helps, no?

Now, I'll be the first to admit that going the cloth diaper route is a commitment and not for everyone (we did not do it), but by the looks of these clips, they have come a long way since we looked into them even a few years ago.

The first clip is a promo from G Diapers. I'm not promoting any brand, but you have to love the composting experiment:

The second clip is from the ABC affiliate in Pittsburgh and showcases some green diaper options:

Until next Tuesday...

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