Sunday, September 2, 2007

11th Hour

So it looks like 11th Hour is the next rock-em, sock-em, wake-up-and-smell-your-unsustainably-farmed-coffee movie to try and move the populous to action when it comes to the environment. Sure to be as popular as An Inconvenient Truth, Leonardo DiCaprio's installment appears to be much more of an in-your-face kind of documentary.

I have not seen it -- the closest showing is up in Harvard Square (a lovely drive, don't get me wrong) -- but a tour of the supporting website, does a good job selling the persona power behind the film. It's a who's-who of the modern environmental movement plus some other well-known faces thrown in for good measure.

Check out the trailer:

Now, I don't know what Leonardo does day-to-day to lessen his environmental footprint, but I do have to give a tip of the hat for trying to leverage his star power for something good. We all know that the more people who are informed and inspired to take action, the better our chances of turning this ship around.

Hopefully, a more local theater will pick this film up so that more of us in the Sakonnet area can check it out. If you've seen it, let us know how it was.

Until then, here's to turning back the clock.

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Anonymous said...

I have had the pleasure of seeing the 11th Hour this weekend, and thought that it was decently done. There were alot of interesting facts and ideas that were discussed. The producer, Leonardo DiCaprio(sp?), didn't have as much as a part as anticipated, instead there are several leaders in the field who comment on a myriad of related topics throughout. All in all, I believe the most important message to take from the film is that there is a need to raise awareness of global warming issues. The film points out that the general population has too narrow of a scope of view/understanding of global and humankind needs for survival in "the big picture". Raising the level of awareness is the first step to change. This could not be more true. As long as "America runs on Dunkin" we are all in trouble.

The film is playing at the Jane Pickens Theatre in Newport, which is on Touro St. right near the court house.