Monday, July 2, 2007

Georgia Corn? Heck No.

On the heels of yesterday’s post, I had to share this story with you. It drives home how you just can’t beat local produce.

I was at Lee’s Market this evening grabbing a few things for dinner. Now, Lee’s does a great job at giving its customers local produce during the summer, and beyond that, posts the state/country of origin for many of the fruits and vegetables it sells.

I’m grabbing some portabella mushrooms when I overhear a woman ask the produce clerk where the corn came from. He said quite plainly, “Georgia.” With that, she did an about-face and left the corn in the dust.

Maybe she just didn’t feel like corn, but I have to imagine the fact that it wasn’t local had something to do about it. Kudos for having the patience to stick it out a few more weeks until the local stuff is coming in fresh from the farm down the road.

Granted, we all like to indulge now and then with some out of season fare. I know – my kids love apples 24/7/365. That’s fine; I’m not trying to strong-arm anyone. But if you’re going to buy fruits and vegetables at any point over the next few months, try to do your part to support our local farmers and save the environment at the same time. Buy local and organic when you can.

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