Monday, March 26, 2007

Turbine Trifecta?

Things happen in threes, right? Births, weddings, deaths… wind turbines?

In an earlier post I espoused on the wind turbine being tested at the site of the new artists’ community at Sandy Woods Farm in Tiverton. This past week the Sakonnet Times featured a story on Albert Lees III and his desire to help move Lees Market off the grid a bit with the possible installation of a one megawatt wind turbine on a piece of his property.

Mr. Lees deserves hearty congratulations for his leadership. As with most things (think the birth of the Internet), it takes the private sector to take the bull by the horns and make it happen. Unfortunately, waiting for our local government entities to realize the benefits of such forward thinking around tackling energy issues close to home is not in anyone’s best interest. My kids might have kids of their own by that time. Call it delusional optimism, though, but I’d like to think we have a few local officials who could help us champion such causes.

So first we have Sandy Woods Farm; second is Lees; anybody care to guess where the third might crop up? Can Little Compton pull through to create our little own local Turbine Triangle? Maybe there is something in the works that I’m not aware of? If so, drop me a line and let's get the word out there.

I’d love to pull together a Top Ten list of potential locations for renewable energy installations across the Sakonnet area – then mobilize to try and make it happen. I think we could through the right partnerships with local business leadership and town officials who are of similar mindsets.

Anybody care to cast a vote?


Anonymous said...

the high school/middle school/new elementary school compond would be perfect. i think i remember hearing that the high school was tiverton highest peak. hence that old fire tower. wouldn't it be great to have all three of those schools off the grid.

Anonymous said...

The use of schools for something like a wind turbine? well that would be great. Unfortunately, unless we get someone with and openmind and the foresight to see just how much darn sense that would make, it isn't likely that the powers that be in the administration of the school district would allow for such things. That might save them money or something! It just is a lovely idea that most likely won't come to be a reality. Who are we kidding? The teachers bearly have enough materials to make classrooms functionable. And I mean pencils and paper. How do I know. I am a teacher.What we need is to have people like Bill and others of a like mind bring these ideas to a larger forum, school comittee meetings, or even to the town meeting. Sadly all people see is the almighty dollar sign for the now, how much this will cost to set up, not the how much will this save us later.

Anonymous said...

There are many wind turbines planned for Westport- even a proposal for one at the town hall. Sylvans nursery on Horseneck road has one that you can visit and they have another one in the works. There is also a renewable energy commitee in Westport maybe that is something we need in Tiverton- Dave Dion is on the commitee in Westport and could give more info to people who are interested.